Minibus transfer Sarajevo – Montenegrin coast – Sarajevo

On a daily basis, we organize individual transfers (passenger transportation) on the route Sarajevo – Montenegrin coast – Sarajevo according to the principle from address to address at a time that suits you.

Route and travel plan:

The starting point is the city of Sarajevo (your desired address), then we go to Trebinje or Podgorica, depending on which destination we drive you to in the Montenegrin coast. Using the same route plan, we return from the Montenegrin coast to Sarajevo in the reverse order.

How long does the trip take?

The travel time from Sarajevo to the Montenegrin coast mostly depends on the point of destination you are going to, the state of the roads, weather conditions, and the time spent at the border crossing. Sometimes, for safety and weather reasons, the travel route or the border crossing during the trip is changed in order to avoid crowds, road works, bad weather and other factors that affect safety and travel time.

General rules of travel:

Passengers are required to have a valid identity document, residence registration due to crossing the border, to take care of their belongings that are brought into the vehicle, to be properly tied to the seat belts that exist in the vehicle. The agency and the driver are not responsible (payment of fines, reimbursement of expenses, forgotten items) if the passenger himself did not follow the above rules.

Rules of conduct in the vehicle:

It is strictly forbidden to consume any kind of food, cigarettes and colored beverages (juices, tea, coffee, alcohol, etc …) in the vehicle. Interfering with the driver while driving, influencing the driving course in any way is also prohibited. Only water can be used as a beverage in the vehicle because the water does not leave permanent stains and cannot damage the interior of the vehicle. In case of non-compliance with the rules and inappropriate (violent) behavior in the vehicle, the driver has the authority to remove such a person from the vehicle and report it to the competent authorities.

Passenger luggage:

Due to the limited luggage space in the vehicle, one larger suitcase and hand luggage per person (passenger) are allowed. For each additional suitcase or luggage, the agency charges for space in the vehicle in the value of one ticket, thus reducing the number of persons (passengers) in the vehicle itself.

Transport of pets:

Pets are transported exclusively in a transport case provided for that purpose. They cannot be transported in a bag or any other form outside the transport case. There is also charges a shuttle service for pets.


For any damage on or in the vehicle caused by the fault of the passenger, the passenger will bear the responsibility and costs of repairing the same.





ROUTE Price per vehicle (max. 2 addresses)
Sarajevo – Herceg Novi 210€
Sarajevo – Budva 220€
Sarajevo – Bar 230€
Sarajevo – Ulcinj 240€
Night rides are charged 20% more on the existing transfer price.
Night driving is calculated for the period from 09:00PM to 05:00AM.
Price is per vehicle, in one direction, does not depend on number of passengers.